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Releases: slimcoin-project/Slimcoin

Slimcoin 0.6

06 May 09:13
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Slimcoin 0.6 Pre-release

A change to the indexing (the inclusion of total burned coins) requires that the BerkeleyDB index file blkindex.dat is rebuilt, essentially reloading the blockchain from scratch. This can be achieved in just 2 - 3 days with slimcoind -loadblock=blk0001.dat. For convenience, a rebuilt index is available in the resource.


  • 95cacbcafabd1479895dedaab474cffb08acebfbe29ce221a901dd2a3b9b59fe
  • SLIMCoin-Qt-v0.6.dmg: 8efca71c9dc3faeb7b2c1f7235698971bdb56f7166b949e4a4683aacf2df2550
  • e1dce2aac4fe032653ac320af236c3eaeac02262932aec1e1df6197579825ad3

Currently, the CI build+test is successful: Build Status


  • Load from bootstrap.dat if present
  • addnode (onetry) RPC command
  • Encrypt/Decrypt message facility
  • Mining tab
  • Wallet/tx fix/zap facility
  • ClearOphans option for Transaction View
  • Coin control
  • "totalburnt" in getinfo results
  • dumpbootstrap RPC command
  • Account Report tab
  • Sign/Verify message dialog
  • Reservebalance spinbox
  • Multi-sig create/spend dialog
  • torrenthash publishing / inscriptions via OP_RETURN
  • walletnotify


  • Add support for miniupnpc api versions 14, 16 and now 21
  • Add Python-implemented Slimcoin blockchain reader
  • Repair indexing of accumulating total burned coins
  • Relay OP_RETURN TxOut as standard transaction type
  • Extend MAX_OP_RETURN_RELAY 80 -> 100
  • Disable unused centralised sync-checkpoint facility.

Improvements to automated testing

  • Enable Travis CI continuous integration
  • Update and expand tests


  • Integrate barrystyle's batch RPC PR
  • Added compile documentation for Arch linux via PR from eddycurrently/doc_updates
  • Implement Johnny Latte's SHA256 speed-up.

Garnered from abroad

  • Fix OpenSSL v1.1 compatibility - Cherry-picked from Peercoin 0.6 rc1
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'ppcoin/master' into refactor.ppcoin
  • Backport bitcoin commits (various)


24 Apr 00:46
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Updated to use latest PPCoin codebase, GUI additions, OP_RETURN tx enabled.