Network sniffer for classical protocols
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RodentSniffer is a sniffer developed in C using libpcap with the main goal to give an in-depth understanding of the classical network protocols you are using everyday.

Table of contents


  • libpcap to capture packets
  • gcc to compile the project
  • root privileges for packet collection

Sniff the Network

  • Download the repository: git clone git://
  • Clean the project with the makefile: make clean
  • Compile using the makefile: make all

Usage & Options

  • Usage: rosn <option>
  • Options
    • -f <"filter">: add a filter with the pcap-filter syntax
    • -h: print the help
    • -l: list the available devices
    • -s <device>: indicate the device to open
  • Exemples
    • rosn -s eth0
    • rosn -p -f "arp" -s eth0
    • rosn -h
    • rosn -l
  • Note: the order of the options matters
    • -p
    • -f "<filter>"
    • -s <device>


The folder rosnlib/ contains:

  • boot/: boot checks as options management, getting the link-layer header type, etc.
  • process/: the main loop function used for sniffing
  • prots/: files which are handling the different protocols (Ethernet, ARP, IPv4, IPv6, TCP, etc.)
  • utils/: miscellaneous elements as help or color printers


RodentSniffer is distributed under the same terms as libpcap itself. See libpcap license for more information.