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bgclang installation

This is a collection of scripts to automate the installation of bgclang nightly builds. The main website for bgclang is

while the nightly builds can be found here:


Edit config to set all configuration variables for your local system. Typically, you only need to modify the following variables:

  • GCC472_PATH

Getting bgclang

Find out current nightly bgclang version:

  • manually:
    • Go to
    • Note the full version as r<revision>-<YYYYMMDD> (from now on referred to as <version>).
  • automatically:
    • Run ./ and note output.

Run ./ <version> to download all RPMs. If you would like to specify a patch release, you can supply it as an additional argument by running ./ <version> <release>, where <release> defaults to 1.

Installing bgclang

Run ./ <version> [<release>].

The patch release number <release> is optional and defaults to 1.

Optional: if you need change the location of the GCC 4.7.2 toolchain files, you need to run ./ <version> [<release>] after the installation.

Cron job

You can automate the installation of the nightly builds by calling through a cron job. It will fetch the current nightly version from the bgclang nightly builds website (see above), check if it needs to be installed, download all packages and install it. Additionally, it will create a nightly symbolic link that points to the new version. By default, the previous nightly version is removed after a sucessful installation of the new build, but this can be disabled in the config file.


The bgclang install scripts are currenly maintained by:

Michael Schlottke-Lakemper (

Feel free to send patches/pull requests to fix broken features or to improve the overall usability.