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Advanced .bashrc and .bash_profile coming together with colorful output.
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Bash full of colors

Powerful .bashrc and .bash_profile coming together with colorful output. It adds additional information to your command prompt and many useful aliases.


  • shows number of active background jobs
  • shows number of open screen sockets
  • hostname color is based on host unique identifier to simplify server identification by the user when working with multiple open SSH sessions
  • shows checked-out branch name when current directory is within Git repository
  • shows last command return code if it differs from 0
  • shows Python virtualenv


The most convenient way of installation is to checkout the repository and symlink the relevant scripts. Assuming the installation in home directory:

git clone .bash-full-of-colors
[ -f .bashrc ] && mv -v .bashrc bashrc.old
[ -f .bash_profile ] && mv -v .bash_profile bash_profile.old
[ -f .bash_aliases ] && mv -v .bash_aliases bash_aliases.old
[ -f .bash_logout ] && mv -v .bash_logout bash_logout.old
ln -s .bash-full-of-colors/ .bashrc
ln -s .bash-full-of-colors/ .bash_profile
ln -s .bash-full-of-colors/ .bash_aliases
ln -s .bash-full-of-colors/ .bash_logout

Application aliases

Many Unix commands have already newer and more feature-rich replacements. Following aliases are defined in

Command: Replacement:
df pydf
less most
tail multitail
top htop
tracepath mtr
traceroute mtr

To install them, run following command:

aptitude install most multitail pydf mtr htop

If you don't have them installed, script falls back to the original command.

You can also create your own local aliases. Create the file ~/.bash_local file and place them there.


2015 Michał Słomkowski. The code is published under the terms of Apache License 2.0.

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