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A tool for text-based entity-relationship diagrams.
Java Shell
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[Short story]
  ./erwiz ../examples/example1.txt ~/my-first-erd.png
[Long story]

  Open ./htmldoc/index.html in your browser for a complete
  documentation or just go into /bin and execute 
     ./erwiz ../examples/example1.txt ~/my-first-erd.png
  This reads the text file example1.txt located in the examples
  directory and converts it to a png raster image. 
  Other examples:
  	./erwiz ../examples/example1.txt ~/my-first-erd.jpg
  	./erwiz ../examples/example1.txt ~/my-first-erd.pdf
  	./erwiz ../examples/example1.txt ~/my-first-erd.svg
  To make erwiz system-wide available create a symbolic link:
  	ln -s path/to/your/erwiz /usr/bin
  Be sure to use the complete absolute path to erwiz.
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