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Programs for the Casio fx-5800P calculator
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This repository contains Greatest Common Divisor (GCD), Least Common Multiple (LCM), and Integer Factorization (FACTOR) program listings for the Casio fx-5800P programmable calculator.

Getting Started

Takumako's CcLinker and USB dongle provide the quickest way to transfer programs to the fx-5800P. See The .cce and .ccl files in this repository are for use with CcEditor and CcLinker, respectively.

Otherwise, you will have to open the .pdf or .txt listing for the program of interest and type the code into your calculator.


I would love to receive bug reports and user feedback. If you have improvements to the code, please get in touch.


Ben Tesch - slugrustle


The GCD, LCM, and FACTOR programs in this repository are distributed under the CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication. See also LICENSE.txt or the .tex or .txt file for each program.


Texmaker was helpful for producing the .pdf program listings that appear in this repository.

The DejaVu Fonts have sufficient unicode coverage to display the various special characters used by fx-5800P programs. These fonts appear in the .pdf program listings.

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