TMX Map viewer for SpriteKit
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JSTileMap is a TMX Map viewer for SpriteKit

** Note: Consider using apple's new SpriteKit tilemap functionality where possible.
See this session from WWDC 2016 for more about this.



In your project. You will also need to add libz.dylib to the "linked frameworks and libraries" section of your project itself.

Loading a map


JSTileMap* tiledMap = [JSTileMap mapNamed:@"mapFileName.tmx"];
if (tiledMap)
    [mySKNode addChild:tiledMap];


Browse the properties in JSTileMap and TMXLayer for most of what you'll use frequently. Limited accessor methods are included for convenience.

Tile atlases are expected to be in the same directory as the TMX file when loaded.
At the moment this is only trying to load files from the app bundle itself.

The repository also contains an example project, containing the above files, that will give you a general idea of how layers, tilesets, and objects work, and a few examples of what does (and does not) currently work.

** NOTE: The TMX map format is in pixels, not points like apple's format. As such, you should -NOT- use the @2x format for your sprite atlas images or the map won't load properly.

** NOTE 2: Isometric maps are currently considered to be in beta as there are bugs with tile object positioning in isometric maps. If you do not use tile objects you should be able to use isometric maps.

Mac support works but there are points / pixels issues with the atlas images. Should be considered beta.

tvOS support appears to work out of the box -- make sure you include the zlib library included in the tvOS SDK.