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Common Lisp parser for ISO Media files (mp4)
Common Lisp
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A library for parsing ISO Media files. ISO Media files include MP4 audio and video files. The specification for ISO Media files can be found at

The iso-media library can be found at:

This library is released under a BSD-style license, the text of which can be found in the LICENSE file accomponying the source code.




alexandria and binary-data are available through quicklisp and it is the hope of the author that iso-media will be available through quicklisp in the near future.

Using iso-media

To load iso-media:

(asdf:load-system 'iso-media)

iso-media Example

ISO-MEDIA-TEST> (defpackage #:iso-media-test (:use #:cl #:iso-media))
ISO-MEDIA-TEST> (in-package #:iso-media-test)
ISO-MEDIA-TEST> (defparameter *tears-of-rage*
  (iso-media:read-iso-media-file "/Users/sly/projects/iso-media/test/tears-of-rage.m4a"))
ISO-MEDIA-TEST> *tears-of-rage*
#<ISO-CONTAINER :children (#<DATA-BBOX "ftyp" :size 24>
                           #<MOVIE-DATA-BBOX "mdat" :size 4822003>
                           #<CONTAINER-BBOX "moov" :size 58303>)>
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