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Generates dubious trivia using Markov chains
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  • When it comes to cotton swabs, it's the easiest & most comfortable: Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Tiger is the fried type of this: Death.
  • This sheriff who shot Billy the Kid was later identified as the favorite topping: Pepperoni.
  • Texas grows several types of these implements: Ladder.
  • Traditionally the Last Supper is thought to have a bad encounter with this: Bat.
  • The dog seen here helped America reach new heights in the Spanish-American War: Philippines.
  • At him, visitors have hit a link to his death & stealing his wife: David.
  • It's the slang term for Xerox: photocopy.

Interested in expanding your trivia knowledge? No? Look no further than funzo-facts. The above misinformation was generated by this program, which makes use of a large corpus of Jeopardy! questions and answers (hence the question-answer format) and Markov chains via the Markovify library.



from funzo_fact_gen import FactGenerator


fg = FactGenerator()
print fg.get_fact()

Our team won 55-0--you could call it Bahia de Cochinos; we call it this: the skin.

Importing the Jeopardy! .csv doesn't take terribly long, but a pickle of the dataframe is provided anyway.

See for a sample (python 2.7).

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