A lightbox photo library in native JavaScript using the Flickr API.
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js-going-native 👹

Hello, world! I'm building a lightbox photo library in native JavaScript using the Flickr API. No JQuery or JavaScript frameworks here. 🙅


So, why no JQuery? 😱 In this exercise I'm going under the hood of AJAX requests in raw JavaScript. This is a great opportunity to consider whether using JQuery is necessary in client-side js applications, because -- hello! -- dependencies increase application load on the client-side. As engineers, we want to build lean yet robust applications for enjoyable end-user experiences. 😎 This exercise was a fun way to cement my understanding of using raw javascript to make API queries, altogether freeing myself from the ball-and-chain that is $(document).ready()[....].

Live Example

See a working example here: www.holly-peck.com/lightbox.html


Since Northwest Coast Native art is my jam -- and since I've spent a lot of time studying these objects and their interpretations in museum settings -- I've decided to render a photo library of Northwest Coast Native Art. Behold: Bill Reid.

Technologies Used

  • Flickr API
  • JavaScript in the raw 🐟

User Experience - Method

  • Typically, when I approach a problem, I think about code from frontend (UX) to backend. I ask myself: 1) what does my user want to see? 2) How can my user interact with my application? 3) what features in my application can empower my user with impactful interactive experiences?

User Experience - Practice

  1. User arrives at a page and sees a 4x4 grid of photo images.
    1a. These image thumbnails are populated via Flickr API.
  2. User selects an image and sees it expand, lightbox-style, while other images dim in the background.
  3. User navigates through photo library (next/previous photos). Photos must display corresponding photo tile.
  4. User minimizes photo to return to thumbnail gallery.

Cross-Browser View

  • This should run on latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE:

A Note About Responsiveness

  • CSS has been styled for two types of media formatting: screens of min-width : 720px and max-width: 720px.

Version II Wish List

  • Integrate with Aframe or D3.js for unique front-end experience.
  • API unit tests
  • Tests in Selenium, Cucumber