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Bug Reports/Feature Requests

Please check the before adding any bugs/feature requests to Issues.


Please use the develop branch as the base for any pull requests

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the project. Check out for bugs and planned features if you're not sure where to start.

If you're planning on doing a big chunk of work it's probably best to contact me first to make sure someone isn't already working on it.

You'll probably want to get up to scratch with Brick before working on any of the UI code.


This was my first Haskell project, so the style has changed (improved?) as I've gone along.

I'm now trying to use pure instead of return, *> instead of >>, and <> instead of ++.


Please use the git-flow branching model. You should only commit to feature/* branches: do not commit to develop or master directly. This will keep commit history simpler and make handling pull requests easier.

Please also use the --rebase and --ff-only options when running git pull - although if you're on your own feature/* branch this shouldn't make any difference.


I'm trying to add more unit tests to the codebase, although coverage is still pretty poor. At a minimum any pull requests should make sure all tests pass (use stack test before you commit anything). If you're adding/changing a significant amount of code then adding appropriate unit tests would be much appreciated.