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rpcx-ui is web gui for rpcx. It provides services management.


There are two config templates in this repository:

  • config.json: etcd config templates for etcd registry
  • config_zk.json: zookeeper config templates for zookeeper registry

Currently rpcx-ui only supports etcd and zookeeper registries. There is no GUI support for consul registry.

If you want to use zookeeper registry, replace config.json with config_zk.json.

  "registry_type": "zookeeper",
  "registry_url": "localhost:2181",
  "host": "",
  "port": 8972,
  "user": "admin",
  "password": "admin"

As you see, you need set zookeeper url and services base path. host and port is used by rpcx-ui and I support you set host to "" for security consideration.

user and password has not been used in current code but I want to add it in future, because the setting must be operated by administrators.


You can run go build -o rpcx-ui *.go to create the executable file: rpcx-ui.

Put rpcx-uiconfig.jsonwebtemplates in a directory, for example, /opt/rpcx-ui, and then run ./rpcx-ui to start this http server.

You can visit http://localhost:8972/ to visit this GUI.