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Garagedoor Opener with RaspberryPi Author: smanders

These sets of files have been created to interface to the following iPhone App:

Originally this was supported for the Arduino from the iPhone author. I had a RaspberryPi looking for a purpose and this seemed like a good project to target. This solution is about half the cost of the Arduino code but also takes a fair amount of setup on the Linux side.

NOTES: Email/SMS notifications were working when I had garagedoord working as a script. I have not messed with that since moving over to a daemon.


Description of Software

php_code/ This directory contains the PHP code to reponsd and parse the HTTP requests from the iPhone App. This direcotry also contains the executable to perform the aes256_decryption. The aes code used in the iPhone App is non-standard. The built-in PHP decryption code was not able properly decrypt the returned Challenge from the iPhone App.

garagedoord-0.1/ This directory contains the daemon to setup the GPIO pins as well as monitor the status of the garagedoor and send the proper notifications. This is a full Linux daemon with its own init.d script included. Also note that this daemon also sets permissions on a file to allow the webserver userid to manipulate a GPIO pin. This code also depends on the bcm2835 library you can find here. You must set this up before you can compile this daemon.

aes/ This contains the code that puts a command line interface into the aes256_decpypt needed my PHP as mentioned above.

How to Build

aes: cd aes make make install (this copies the exe to the php_code dir)

garagedoord-0.1: cd garagedoord-0.1 (edit garagedoord with your Prowl API Key and enable Prowl notifications) make make install (this copies the garagedoord to /usr/sbin and copies to /etc/init.d)

php_code: (edit index.php with the Password you configure on your iPhone App) copy the contens to your webserver base directory i.e. /var/www/ or /var/www/base/ or /var/www/garagedoor/ I'm personally using virtual hosting with the DNS prefix assigned to another directory.

Hardware/Software Needs outside of my software

RaspberryPi running the latest Wheezy * A LAMP Setup (no MySQL required though) * gcc tools to compile my daemon and aes256_decrypt * git to pull down my repository from

I also pulled a network cable from my patch panel to the garage to avoid worrying about wireless. This RPi will probably be an AirPlay end point as well in the near future.

Instead of installing my own proximity sensor, I just reverse engineered the integrated sensor on the motor control board of the garagedoor opener and just tapped off that for my position sensor. I did have to use a MOSFET transitor to bring the voltage down to 3.3V where the RPi likes it. I also bought a single channel relay from China for less than $2 shipped to signal the remote to open the door. My garagedoor wall mount sends an encoded signal over to the motor board sense it can open the door, turn on/off the light/and lockout all other remotes with just a two wire connection. I was not going to go there, so I just used an extra remote and hardwared the power connector and soldered the button with some wires to come to the relay board. I put the relay board and the MOSFET logic into one of those small RadioShack project enclosures.

Estimated total cost: iPhone App: $6 (iTunes Store) RPi: $35 (Element14) RPi Case: $14 (Adafriut) PowerSupply with Cable: $5 (Amazon) SD Card: $7 (Amazon) MOSFET and resistor: $3 (RadioShack) Project Enclosure and connectors: $5 (RadioShack) Garagedoor Remote: $16 (Amazon shipped)


C and PHP code to interface with an iPhone App to control a garagedoor






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