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The Atlas of Immunoglobulin Repertoires (TheAIR)

What is TheAIR

TheAIR is a collection of immunoglobulin (Ig) clonotypes across 53 tissues from 544 individuals. CDR3 sequences were assembled from by ImReP from 8555 RNA-Seq samples. Data was collected and prepared by Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx v6) project. TheAIR has one of the largest collection of CDR3 sequences (n=3.6 million) and tissue types (n=53).

Quick Start

We have characterized the individual immunoglobulin repertoires using the following measured:

  • Number of distinct clonotypes per one million raw RNA-Seq reads (CPM)
  • Number of Ig-derived reads per one million raw RNA-Seq reads (igRPM)
  • Immune diversity measured by Shannon entropy. This takes into account both the number of distinct clonotypes and their relative abundances (immune.diversity)

Individual Ig repetoires per sample per tissue

How to use TheAIR

Use the sidebar on the right to explore the database. We plan to update it frequently.


Mangul, Serghei, et al. "Profiling adaptive immune repertoires across multiple human tissues by RNA Sequencing" bioRxiv (2016): 089235.


Slides from my talk at ASHG 2017 are available here


TheAIR was prepared by Serghei Mangul. Please do not hesitate to contact me ( if you have any comments, suggestions, or clarification requests regarding the tutorial or if you would like to contribute to this resource.

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