Utilities to generate sample data as FHIR Resources
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SMART on FHIR Test Data Generator

This generator uses the data files in the data directory to generate FHIR test data. The files in the data directory are tab-delimited tables that can be edited and extended with new data as needed.

All the Python scripts are in the bin directory, and should be run from that directory. This repository contains git submodules to handle 3-rd party sample data, make sure you checkout using the --recursive option.

The main script for general use is generate.py, the other files in bin are basically modules supporting generate.py. The file testdata.py contains most of the constant declarations and utility functions that drive the system configuration. The file fhir.py contains all the FHIR formatting code.

From the 'bin' directory, run:

python generate.py --help

To get a general help message.

To generate the test data files in the 'generated-data' directory:

python generate.py --write-fhir ../generated-data 

And a summary.txt file can be added to generated-data by running:

python generate.py --summary > ../generated-data/summary.txt

A good way to look at a single patient, with patient ID, PID, is:

python generate.py --summary PID