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Hardware module for iobroker.zigbee
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z2m hardware module

This is hardware module for iobroker.zigbee and zigbee2mqtt or Zigbee to Tasmota.
If you can speak Chinese and be interested with this project, please look at this post in ioBroker China BBS

V2P1 version is ready to ship

What's the difference

  • Use E18-MS1PA1-IPX zigbee module. 20dBm power can make sure zigbee net work signal is strong.
  • Add an ESP8266 module. Give you another option that can connect zigbee module though wifi-to-serial (I was using this project). If your machine running smarthome platform, such as ioBroker or homeassistant, is put in a hidden corner, for better signal coverage, you can put your zigbee module in some where else.
  • ESP8266 connected to E18 firmware download pins, give you a chance that can update E18 though ESP8266, no need to use CC-DEBUG.
  • There will be 4 options for different TTY connection:
    • USB TTY <==> ESP 8266 TTY. This option is used for download firmware for E18.
    • USB TTY <==> E18 TTY. If you can connect your module though USB wire, this is more stable.
    • USB TTY <==> ESP 8266 debug port. ESP 8266 TTY <==> E18 TTY. Connect though wifi, and you can capture debug infomation though USB TTY.
    • ESP 8266 TTY <==> E18 TTY. Connect though TTY.

Hardware module images

top view

3D cover


SCH preview

sch view

PCB preview

top view bottom view

BOM list

BOM can get from here.

Thanks to

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