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ActionView::Template::Error (code converter not found (UTF-8 to UTF-16)) #103

nathancolgate opened this Issue October 16, 2012 · 12 comments
Nathan Colgate

Rails 2.2.2 in production on heroku.

Not receiving emails. Check the logs and found:

ActionView::Template::Error (code converter not found (UTF-8 to UTF-16)):
    19:         [title, summary.gsub(/^/, "  "), nil].join("\n\n")
    20:       end
    21:     end.join
    22:     sections = sections.force_encoding('UTF-8').encode('UTF-16', :invalid => :replace).encode('UTF-8') if sections.respond_to?(:force_encoding)
    23: %>
    25: <%= raw sections %>
  vendor/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/gems/exception_notification-3.0.0/lib/exception_notifier/views/exception_notifier/exception_notification.text.erb:22:in `encode'
  vendor/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/gems/exception_notification-3.0.0/lib/exception_notifier/views/exception_notifier/exception_notification.text.erb:22:in `_vendor_bundle_ruby_______gems_exception_notification_______lib_exception_notifier_views_exception_notifier_exception_notification_text_erb___885119307790342253_46234820'
David Silver


Looks like this might be a solution:


Josef Chmel

same problem in rails 3.2.8 on centos server and exception_notification (3.0.0)

UPDATE: switching back to exception_notification (2.6.1) solves problem too

Emil Tin

same problem here, rails 3.2.8 on heroku

Daniel Vartanov

The fix alanjds/exception_notification@048fc6b from @alanjds works. I confirm. Heroku, Rails 3.2.8.

Alan Justino da Silva

Sent not a pull request before because I wrote no tests. But hey, it works!

Sebastian Martinez

Closing this, for I merged #111

Sebastian Martinez smartinez87 closed this October 30, 2012
Anton Trushkevich

Rails 3.2.6, ruby 1.9.2p290:
3.0.0 causes ActionView::Template::Error (code converter not found (UTF-8 to UTF-16))
2.6.1 works fine

Matt Olson

+1, going back to 2.6.1

David Silver

+1 Rolling back to 2.6.1 works for me.

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