Java sample application that loads a sheet, updates selected cells, and saves the results
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This is a minimal Smartsheet sample that demonstrates how to

  • Import a sheet
  • Load a sheet
  • Loop through the rows
  • Check for rows that meet a criteria
  • Update cell values
  • Write the results back to the original sheet

This sample scans a sheet for rows where the value of the "Status" column is "Complete" and sets the "Remaining" column to zero. This is implemented in the evaluateRowAndBuildUpdates() method which you should modify to meet your needs.


  • Update the file (located in src/main/resources) with an API access token, obtained from the Smartsheet Account button, under Personal settings.

      Alternatively, you can specify the access token with a system environment variable named `SMARTSHEET_ACCESS_TOKEN`.
  • Build the application

    • mvn compile
    • You may need to add a reference to the Maven library com.smartsheet:smartsheet-sdk-java:2.2.5
  • Run the application

    • mvn exec:java
    • The rows marked "Complete" will have the "Remaining" value set to 0. (Note that you will have to refresh in the desktop application to see the changes)


This sample contains a runtime Maven dependency on the Log4j logging framework as an example on how to enable post deployment logging for the Smartsheet Java SDK. A file located in /src/main/resources shows the details for both a console and file appender. Logging to the console and a log file are enabled by default.

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