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GoConvey comes with a lot of standard assertions you can use with So().

General Equality

So(thing1, ShouldEqual, thing2)
So(thing1, ShouldNotEqual, thing2)
So(thing1, ShouldResemble, thing2)		// a deep equals for arrays, slices, maps, and structs
So(thing1, ShouldNotResemble, thing2)
So(thing1, ShouldPointTo, thing2)
So(thing1, ShouldNotPointTo, thing2)
So(thing1, ShouldBeNil)
So(thing1, ShouldNotBeNil)
So(thing1, ShouldBeTrue)
So(thing1, ShouldBeFalse)
So(thing1, ShouldBeZeroValue)

Numeric Quantity comparison

So(1, ShouldBeGreaterThan, 0)
So(1, ShouldBeGreaterThanOrEqualTo, 0)
So(1, ShouldBeLessThan, 2)
So(1, ShouldBeLessThanOrEqualTo, 2)
So(1.1, ShouldBeBetween, .8, 1.2)
So(1.1, ShouldNotBeBetween, 2, 3)
So(1.1, ShouldBeBetweenOrEqual, .9, 1.1)
So(1.1, ShouldNotBeBetweenOrEqual, 1000, 2000)
So(1.0, ShouldAlmostEqual, 0.99999999, .0001)   // tolerance is optional; default 0.0000000001
So(1.0, ShouldNotAlmostEqual, 0.9, .0001)


So([]int{2, 4, 6}, ShouldContain, 4)
So([]int{2, 4, 6}, ShouldNotContain, 5)
So(4, ShouldBeIn, ...[]int{2, 4, 6})
So(4, ShouldNotBeIn, ...[]int{1, 3, 5})
So([]int{}, ShouldBeEmpty)
So([]int{1}, ShouldNotBeEmpty)
So(map[string]string{"a": "b"}, ShouldContainKey, "a")
So(map[string]string{"a": "b"}, ShouldNotContainKey, "b")
So(map[string]string{"a": "b"}, ShouldNotBeEmpty)
So(map[string]string{}, ShouldBeEmpty)
So(map[string]string{"a": "b"}, ShouldHaveLength, 1) // supports map, slice, chan, and string


So("asdf", ShouldStartWith, "as")
So("asdf", ShouldNotStartWith, "df")
So("asdf", ShouldEndWith, "df")
So("asdf", ShouldNotEndWith, "df")
So("asdf", ShouldContainSubstring, "sd")		// optional 'expected occurences' arguments?
So("asdf", ShouldNotContainSubstring, "er")
So("adsf", ShouldBeBlank)
So("asdf", ShouldNotBeBlank)


So(func(), ShouldPanic)
So(func(), ShouldNotPanic)
So(func(), ShouldPanicWith, "")		// or errors.New("something")
So(func(), ShouldNotPanicWith, "")	// or errors.New("something")

Type checking

So(1, ShouldHaveSameTypeAs, 0)
So(1, ShouldNotHaveSameTypeAs, "asdf")

time.Time (and time.Duration)

So(time.Now(), ShouldHappenBefore, time.Now())
So(time.Now(), ShouldHappenOnOrBefore, time.Now())
So(time.Now(), ShouldHappenAfter, time.Now())
So(time.Now(), ShouldHappenOnOrAfter, time.Now())
So(time.Now(), ShouldHappenBetween, time.Now(), time.Now())
So(time.Now(), ShouldHappenOnOrBetween, time.Now(), time.Now())
So(time.Now(), ShouldNotHappenOnOrBetween, time.Now(), time.Now())
So(time.Now(), ShouldHappenWithin, duration, time.Now())
So(time.Now(), ShouldNotHappenWithin, duration, time.Now())

Thanks to for his excellent oglematchers library, which is what many of these methods make use of to do their jobs.


Next up, learn about building your own assertions.