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.MacOSX Slight gvim change, fix Unicode under X11.
.colors Update to support Fedora 256-color rxvt.
.conkycolors Modify Conky a bit, switch to AM/PM.
.drush Fix .ackrc for Drupal.
.firefox/chrome Fix my ADHD by hiding the activity indicator on App Tabs.
.lein Finish switching to Vundle/zsh.
.mercurial Enable hg's KeyringExtension.
.oh-my-zsh @ 175b4a8 Move Docker env var to only apply to Mac.
.profile.d Remove obsolete arch_linux profile.d file.
.urxvt Update urxvt submodules.
.vim Finish switching to Vundle/zsh.
bin Update "dssh" to use nsenter or `docker exec`.
.Xmodmap Make CapsLock into Ctrl on most distros.
.Xresources Update to support Fedora 256-color rxvt.
.ackrc Fix .ackrc for Drupal.
.bash_profile Merge branch 'master' into switch-to-vundle
.bashrc BASH, y u forget command history?
.clj_completions Add clj-rlwrap completion.
.fonts.conf Commit an Infinality-compatible .fonts.conf.
.gemrc No more ri or rdoc for gems!
.gitconfig Update SourceTree location.
.gitignore Add Leiningen configuration.
.gitignore_global Load .gitignore_global from "~".
.gitmodules Update to track upstream oh-my-zsh.
.gvimrc Switch to Tomorrow Night bright Vim theme.
.hgbashrc Initial commit of dotfiles.
.hgignore_global Add SourceTree support.
.hgrc Finish switching to Vundle/zsh.
.inputrc Adding PageUp/PageDn bash history search.
.tmux.conf Update Vim and tmux configuration.
.vimrc Update Vim and tmux configuration.
.xinitrc Move xstartup for VNC to .xinitrc.
.zshrc Move Docker env var to only apply to Mac. Add simple README.
agnoster-smerrill.zsh-theme Officially kill the agnoster powerline dingbat. Also install oh-my-zsh and my theme.


These are my dotfiles. They work reasonably well on CentOS 6/7, Fedora 20/21, and OS X 10.9/10.

You will want to at least install vcprompt (the C one, not the python one) and zsh to take advantage of them.

They also assume the use of vim with plugins installed throught Vundle, and vim will complain without ctags.

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