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sara-test is a test suite for S.A.R.A. LSM.

To install it run:


sudo make install

To uninstall it run:
sudo make uninstall

To use it without installing it, put the following lines in your sara wxprot config file:

SOURCE_PATH/bin/* mprotect,verbose
SOURCE_PATH/bin/procattr mmap,other,complain,verbose
SOURCE_PATH/bin/fake_tramp mprotect,emutramp_or_mprotect,verbose
SOURCE_PATH/bin/trampoline* mprotect,emutramp_or_mprotect,verbose
and then run:
EXTRA_BINS_PATH="." make && cd bin && ./sara-test

Please note that, due to the need to create GCC trampolines, sara-test must be compiled using GCC.

You can find more information on S.A.R.A. at <>