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Official website for the SME Virtual Network.
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SME Virtual Network Website

This repository contains the source code for the official homepage of the SME Virtual Network found at

The mission of the SME Virtual Network is to energize, mobilize and engage the global engineering and manufacturing community by bringing together industry, researchers, professionals and students to solve shared problems and relentlessly work to shrink the skills gap.

We embrace the accessibility and connectivity of the Internet to launch immersive virtual events, unique learning experiences and always-on conversations. The SME Virtual Network is completely volunteer-powered.

Read more about SME at

Development Prerequisites

There are several prerequisites need to be installed on your development machine prior to working with this codebase.

Developers should use macOS or Linux to work with this codebase. Issues encountered using Windows are not considered bugs at this time.

  1. Install Node.js version 8.0 or greater.

    See this page.

    For macOS development machines, installing Node.js with Homebrew is recommended.

  2. Install Yarn.

    See this page.

  3. Install Hugo.

    See this page.

    For macOS development machines, installing Hugo with Homebrew is recommended.

  4. Install Git Large File Storage

    Git Large File Storage (or Git LFS) allows large binary assets like media source files to be managed by Git.

    See this page for installation instructions. If you are on macOS, installing via Homebrew is recommended.

Development Quick Start

For a freshly cloned repository, run:

Step 1

yarn install

Step 2

git lfs install

Once all of the above prerequisites are installed, the following commands are now available:

Command Description
yarn run build:dev Build project in development mode. Development mode artifacts that are generated are suitable for easier debugging.
yarn run build:prod Build project in production mode. Production mode artifacts that are generated are suitable for deployment to Firebase Hosting (or any CDN).
yarn run clean Delete the /dist folder which holds the generated artifacts from the build process.
yarn run deploy Build project artifacts in production mode and deploy to Firebase Hosting.
yarn run serve:dev Build project artifacts in development mode and run a development browser that will automatically refresh when source files are changed and saved.
yarn run serve:firebase Build project artifacts in production mode and launch a local Firebase Hosting environment to verify how the project will look when deployed to a public Firebase Hosting project.
yarn run serve:prod Build project artifacts in production mode and launch a basic, local HTTP server without automatic reloading.

Hosting Environment

This project is set up to deploy to a Firebase Hosting environment. However, there is no reason that this project cannot be deployed to another hosting service of your choosing. If you choose another hosting service, delete the .firebaserc and firebase.json files in the root of the repository as they are only needed by Firebase.

If you choose to use Firebase Hosting, then you must change the smevirtual-proj key in .firebaserc to your Firebase project.

Community Participation Guidelines

The SME Virtual Network is committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all. Please take a moment to read our Community Participation Guidelines.


See the Contributing Guidelines document.


All of the code in this repository is licensed under the MIT License. A copy of this license is included in the root of this repository.

SME Logos and Branding

While this project is permissively licensed, the SME logos and brands which are part of this codebase are not. SME logo and brand usage is only allowed by the SME and authorized parties connected to the SME (e.g. like regional chapters).

If you fork this project for use by your own website or web application, you must not use SME logos or brands inappropriately. Please see the SME Branding Guidelines for when a SME logo can be used and what conditions are attached to SME logos and brands.

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