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SendBird JavaScript Sample

The samples in this repository are fully functional messaging applications built using SendBird JavaScript SDK.

  1. Web Basic sample: Slack-like full screen chat sample for desktop browsers.
  2. Web Basic sample with SyncManager Same as Web Basic sample with SyncManager integrated
  3. Web Widget sample: Facebook-chat-like chat widget to regular websites.
  4. Web Live Chat sample: Twitch-chat-like chat sample for desktop browsers.
  5. React Native Redux sample: Mobile chat sample for iOS and Android.

react-native-sample and web-sample are deprecated. See react-native-redux-sample and web-basic-sample instead.

Table of Contents

  1. Installing SendBird JS SDK
  2. Previous versions

Installing the SendBird JS SDK

Using Bower:

  bower install sendbird

Using npm:

  npm install --save sendbird

We support React Native and NodeJS.

Manual download

Or, you can manually download JS SDK files here.

Previous versions

To view the version 2 sample, checkout the v2 branch instead of master.
To view the basic sample used jQuery, checkout the Legacy tag instead of master.