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With Zeo out of business and my headband no longer working (see, I decided I should release the projects I worked on as-is in case they benefit anyone out there who still has functioning hardware.

There are two components included here, and a related one forked off of the Zeo Android API.


This is basically a reimplementation of the Smart Wake feature that was supposed to already be part of Zeo Mobile for Android. Smart Wake is supposed to wake you up in at the optimum time in your sleep cycle (entering or leaving REM sleep). However after using Zeo for several months I never saw this feature work. After learning they had an open Android API (, I made my own version of Smart Wake. It is very limited and very unpolished, but it does work.

Notes on its current state:

  • You must have the official Zeo Mobile app installed and must have already collected some data.
  • Opening this app starts a background service which registers to be notified when the Zeo data changes (Headband or SleepRecords).
  • The main screen will show a few interesting things about current status of the headband and the current sleep event.
  • The info is logged from the service to a file, but the main screen does not auto refresh, so there is a refresh button. There are also buttons to clear logs, share them (to aid developemnt), and test the alarm sound.
  • There are very simple settings to set the desired alarm time and whether the alarm is enabled.
  • The SmartWake window is hardcoded to 30 minutes before the time you set. This means an alarm set for 7:30 will be checking from 7:00 to 7:30 to see if you are entering or leaving REM.
  • There is a setting "Sleep at Least X Hours" which I started to implement but didn't finish. Setting a value might cause unpredictable results.


PHP code to take CSV exported sleep data and display it in the same style of colorful bar graph/timeline used by Zeo. The Android API included a sample that would export locally stored data to CSV. I think there may have also been a CSV export option the on the Zeo website.


There was sample code with the API which would export the data to CSV. I modified the sample code a bit( to show headband and last sleep event status too.


Two components which work with Zeo sleep data. One is a reimplmentation of the SmartWake adaptive alarm feature for Android. The other is PHP code to display CSV sleep data in progress graph form.




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