Javascript object that can send serial commands using audio signals
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AudioSerial.js is a small javascript class I developed that enables developers to send 'serial' commands over a standard headphone cable. This was used in my senior embedded systems design class to send commands from the headphone port of an iPhone to an Atmel ATmega168, requiring only a comparator to convert the AC audio signal (essentially square waves from -2.5V to 2.5V) into a stable digital signal (0V to 5V) for the processor to read. At this time AudioSerial.js is limited to one-way communication (send only).

Please note: due to limitations of DACs, AudioSerial.js uses inverted start and stop bits, so the line idles at 0V rather than 5V.

audio_serial = new AudioSerial(9600,48000);
audio_serial.putString("THIS IS A STRING SENT OVER SERIAL");