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== 0.5 / 2008-08-20
* ditz tarball now installable without requiring rubygems
* commands now take their own arguments. use 'ditz help' to see them.
* 'todo-full' has been replaced with 'todo --all'
* all commands that required comments now take --comment and --no-comment
* new git-sync hooks git-sync for synchronized git usage
* new issue-claiming hook for claiming issues for oneself
* update hook now called on project.yaml as well as changed issue yaml files
* hooks no longer run twice if a project devel root is under a home directory
* when editing a field in an editor, comments are now at the bottom of the buffer
* ditz now acceps issue ids as well as issue names on the commandline
* ditz edit takes a --silent option to avoid generating a log message
* a 'reconfigure' command has been added
* various webpage tweaks
* more unix-centrisms fixed
== 0.4 / 2008-07-27
* bugfix: HOME environment variable now correctly detected on windows
* hooks loaded from both home directory and project directory
* added bash shell completion
* plugin architecture for tighter SCM integration, etc
* 'ditz grep' should also grep against comments, log messages, etc
* added man page
* removed ditz-convert-from-monolith
* lots of HTML output tweaking
== 0.3 / 2008-06-04
* readline support for all text entry
* hook system. Use ditz -l to see possible hooks.
* new commands: archive, shortlog, set-component
* improved commands: log, assign, add-release
* new issue type: 'tasks'
* 'ditz' by itself shows the todo list
* zsh tab completion for subcommands
* local config can now specify bugs directory location
* issue name interpolation now on all issue fields
* bugfix: various HTML generation bugs
* bugfix: ditz now works from project subdirectories
* bugfix: removed UNIX-specific environment variable assumptions
== 0.2 / 2008-04-11
* bugfix: store each issue in a separate file to avoid false conflicts
* added per-command help
* added 'log' command for recent activity
* added better exception handling---turn into pretty error messages
* added text-area commands like /edit, /reset, etc
* all times now stored in UTC
== 0.1.2 / 2008-04-04
* bugfix: add_reference very broken
== 0.1.1 / 2008-04-04
* bugfix: bugfix/feature question always returns feature
== 0.1 / 2008-04-02
* Initial release!