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Welcome to the qpsmtpd wiki!

Why Qpsmtpd?

A modern mail server is typically one of The Big Four MTAs (Sendmail, Postfix, Exchange, Qmail) with a raft of additional features patched, chained (milters, proxies), or otherwise attached to the MTA. The internet is full of recipes for getting these MTAs to work with SpamAssassin, virus filters, SPF, DKIM, and other enhancements. The task is challenging enough that a large market exists for commercial providers to offer appliances that perform these functions.

Rather than patching an existing server to add on these new features, Qpsmtpd provides a bare MTA with a killer feature: plugins.

With Qpsmtpd, each new protocol, technology, or standard is implemented as a plugin. It ships with very mature standard plugins like DNSBL, ClamAV, and SpamAssassin. In addition, a raft of additional plugins are included: GeoIP location with distance, Operating System (p0f), sender history (karma), Forward Confirmed rDNS (fcrdns), HELO hostname validation (helo), SPF, bounce validity, header validity, DomainKeys, DKIM, and DMARC.

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