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The quizzes given in CSCI3431
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CSCI3431: Quizzes

This repo will track the quizzes given in the Fall 2014 CSCI3431 course.
The quizzes are processed with pandoc and then typeset with XeLaTeX.
The XeLaTeX template is largely based off Dr. Driver's standard reading quiz.


Quiz 1: CPU and Git
This quiz reviews system calls and concepts for dealing with processes, additionally we review the git workflow.

Quiz 2: Memory
This quiz reviews the virtualization of memory, dealing particularly with segmentation.
Quiz 2 was not given out in class.

Quiz 3: Concurrency
This quiz reviews threads, locks, and issues with concurrent systems.

Quiz 4: Persistence
This quiz reviews IO devices, filesystem concepts, and filesystem integrity. Quiz 4 was not given out in class.

##Building Quizzes The quizzes are built using the Makefile.

#build .pdf and .tex files for all quizzes
make all

#clean up build files
make clean-tex

Generating pdfs of quizzes requires pandoc and XeLaTeX.

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