The snapd and snap tools enable systems to work with .snap files.
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Latest commit a178dab Feb 24, 2017 @pedronis pedronis committed on GitHub Merge pull request #2933 from pedronis/fix-contextless-run-hook-err
overlord/hookstate: don't report a run hook output error without any context
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arch fix missing go -> ubuntu mapping for powerpc Feb 25, 2016
asserts add commas as suggested by emgee Feb 17, 2017
boot Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into tests/upgrade-os-… Nov 18, 2016
client many: spell KernelVersion consistently Feb 20, 2017
cmd Merge pull request #2926 from zyga/mount-entry-test-data Feb 24, 2017
daemon daemon: fix typo (thanks to pstolowski!) Feb 20, 2017
data data/selinux: merge SELinux policy module (#2878) Feb 23, 2017
dirs dirs: use the right snap mount dir for the distribution Feb 14, 2017
docs docs: moved to (#2258) Nov 3, 2016
errtracker many: merge 2.22.6 back into master (#2922) Feb 23, 2017
etc static tests: add spell check Nov 16, 2016
httputil httputil: copy some headers over redirects (#2896) Feb 23, 2017
i18n i18n: look into core snaps when checking for translations (#2654) Feb 14, 2017
image clearer more consistent envvars for auth data files Feb 16, 2017
interfaces Fix for: Feb 24, 2017
logger review feedback Nov 23, 2016
osutil osutil: trivial tweaks to build ID support (#2916) Feb 22, 2017
overlord Merge pull request #2933 from pedronis/fix-contextless-run-hook-err Feb 24, 2017
packaging many: merge 2.22.6 back into master (#2922) Feb 23, 2017
partition make writing of "#" more efficient (and add test) Dec 7, 2016
po add i18n integration test Dec 14, 2016
progress build snapd without CGO Nov 23, 2016
provisioning test fixes Jul 14, 2016
release release: assume higher version of supported distros will still work (#… Feb 23, 2017
snap many: switch channels on refresh if needed (#2817) Feb 23, 2017
store Merge pull request #2862 from pete-woods/update-buy-error-messages Feb 21, 2017
strutil support version compare with empty strings (#2835) Feb 16, 2017
systemd Merge pull request #2274 from mvo5/refactor/disable-now Dec 14, 2016
tests tests: 2 workers on 14.04 and core 64, drop fixme system (#2928) Feb 24, 2017
testutil static tests: add spell check Nov 16, 2016
timeout timeout: add YAML unmarshaler May 2, 2016
vendor Merge branch 'master' of into 2.22.5-back-t… Feb 21, 2017
wrappers Use snaptest.MockInfo to parse the yaml Feb 22, 2017
.gitignore cmd: add functions to load/save fstab-like files Feb 3, 2017
.travis.yml spread: add boilerplate for Linode delta uploads (#2359) Jan 16, 2017 added missing colon Sep 14, 2016
COPYING add COPYING, remove debian/dirs, its unneeded Apr 23, 2015 Add note about building snapd. Jan 25, 2017 Superfluous comma Feb 3, 2017
debian add "debian" symlink to 16.04 packaging to keep gbp working Jan 25, 2017 Simplified Oct 30, 2015
generate-packaging-dir add FIXME Jan 25, 2017 don't install govendor each time Jan 11, 2017 Fix ./run-checks --static Jul 1, 2016 Add support for taking the version as a parameter Feb 16, 2017
run-checks run "go test -i" before go test itself. Jan 19, 2017
spread.yaml tests: 2 workers on 14.04 and core 64, drop fixme system (#2928) Feb 24, 2017
update-pot netcat in zesty needs `-q N` to work Dec 15, 2016

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