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SnapTest Browser Extension

The open source extension for the SnapTest Browser extension.

To contribute, please read the Contributors Guide here

Running this extension in developer mode:

  1. Download & unzip the most recent version here.
  2. Navigate Chrome to chrome://extensions
  3. Select "Developer Mode" in the top right.
  4. Click "Load unpacked" button and navigate to the dist folder generated by Step #1.
  5. Extension will be available in the Chrome extension tray.

Verifying SHA-256 hash of a release package

Adding an extension in developer mode may open some privacy concerns as there isn't "oversight" by the Chrome Extension Support team. Open-sourcing the code gives some community visibility & accountability of the code.
When you download a package from the versions page, it's important that you know that package comes from this repository.

In order to accomplish this, we use a SHA-256 hashing mechanism so you can mathematically prove this fact for any version release.

  1. Check this repository out to a version tag you'd wish to verify. ( e.g. find the commit tagged 5.3.0 & checkout HEAD to that commit hash.)
  2. Make sure all developer dependencies listed in the Contributors Guide are installed.
  3. Run ./scripts/ which will produce a SHA-256 hash, ie:
    Packaging complete. 
    Checksum (SHA-256 of zip's inner /dist directory): d8f26b988138ff02fa02366654b19e259aa7a6d46d58bc7cf95e757a8597c603
  4. Match the above hash to the published hash on the downloads page.

This proves that the code you're looking in this repository is exactly what was built in that .zip file that you previously downloaded.