@snipe snipe released this Jul 19, 2016

Please make sure you follow the complete upgrading instructions available here.


A full list of new features is available here. (There are a lot of them!):

  • New look+feel
  • Components section
  • Minimum quantity for consumables, accessories, and components
  • User-selectable language preferences
  • Improved label printing and settings
  • AD/LDAP improvements
  • Additional validation types in custom fields
  • Ability to purge soft-deleted records
  • Removal of Sentry library
  • Upgraded to Laravel 5.2
  • New .env configuration file
  • Web-based pre-flight check
  • Lots of additional bug fixes from RC2.
  • Importer improvements
  • AuthServiceProvider for permissions
  • Security fix for Guzzle for CVE-2016-5385

Remember to run:

php composer.phar install --no-dev --prefer-source
php composer.phar dump-autoload
php artisan migrate

You may also need to clear the contents (without removing the directory) of app/storage/views, to clear out any cached views on the system.