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Assets 2

New in v3.6.1

  • Add postal code to locations listing
  • Make purchase cost longer and more standardized
  • Increase DB size of state field in locations
  • Add model number to accessories
  • Fixed issue where we weren't checking if sig_filename exists
  • Fixes #2953 - re-adding the CoC
  • Added employee number option to custom report
  • Fixed #2961
  • Fixed #2980 - enable MySQL SSL settings
  • Fixed #2970 - setup preflight not firing correctly without migrations
  • Add red banner if app is in production mode and debugging is turned on
  • Fixed mail test script in preflight
  • Fixed #2959 - fixed error with custom fields not populating correctly
  • Fixed #2987 - error in partializing with creating an asset maintenance
  • Added fieldset to asset model listing
  • Link model name in category view
  • Fixed asset model clone
  • Added .lic as possible license file type
  • Removed model level requirement for serial number in licenses
  • Updated serial text to product key
  • Custom logging to only show debug info if the app is in debug mode
  • Hide edit actions from asset sidebar if user cannot edit assets
  • Only allow login via LDAP if the user was already imported or created via LDAP
  • Fixed #2997 - don’t include soft-deleted maintenances
  • Fixed #2995 - adds max login attempts/duration as .env option
  • Redirect the lost password success back to login

Remember to run:

php composer.phar install --no-dev --prefer-source
php artisan config:clear
php composer.phar dump-autoload
php artisan migrate