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Feel free to share issues you face on Snips
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Snips Issues

Please fill here the issues you encountered using Snips Flow.

If you are looking for support, use the forum. It will be easier to share your experience and the solution to your problem with the community

Before creating a new issue, check if it has not already been reported.

Consider reporting the following information to ease the debugging:

  • Which platform you are using (e.g. Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi3)
  • What is the version of your platform (e.g. Snips Flow 1.1.0 (0.61.2))
  • Did you install the platform manually or are you only using sam
  • Logs from snips-watch -v, journalctl -u snips-*, /var/log/syslog
  • If you already found the service that is failing, you can stop the service sudo systemctl stop <service> and restart it manually and increase verbosity with -v to provide more logs.

Thanks again for your feedbacks!

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