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assembly-release Update Roller to 5.1.2-SNAPSHOT
docs Updated section 10.2 to recommend statement-by-statement running of t…
it-selenium Update Roller to 5.1.2-SNAPSHOT
LICENSE.txt Added ability to add non-image media files from Entry Edit screen; cr…
NOTICE.txt Add use of spring mobile code to roller license agreements.
doap_roller.rdf Update DOAP to reflect current release of Roller and release date.


This is Rollarcus: an experimental fork of Apache Roller. So far, there are two experiments here, each in its own branch:

1) shiro_not_spring: is a branch of Roller's trunk that has been modified to use Apache Shiro for security instead of Spring. Also, all Spring depdenencies have been removed.

2) jaxrs_not_struts: is a branch of Roller's trunk that has been modified to add a REST API, powered by Apache CXF, Apache Shiro and includes Arquillian-powered tests for the REST API. Someday this REST API could power a new JavaScript based web interface for Roller and allow the project to move on from Struts.

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