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Snowflake-kafka-connector is a plugin of Apache Kafka Connect - ingests data from a Kafka Topic to a Snowflake Table.

Official documentation for the Snowflake sink Kafka Connector

Contributing to the Snowflake Kafka Connector

The following requirements must be met before you can merge your PR:

  • Tests: all test suites must pass, see the test README
  • Formatter: run this script ./ from root
  • CLA: all contributers must sign the Snowflake CLA. This is a one time signature, please provide your email so we can work with you to get this signed after you open a PR.

Thank you for contributing! We will review and approve PRs as soon as we can.

Third party licenses

Custom license handling process is run during build to meet legal standards.

  • License files are copied directly from JAR if present in one of the following locations: META-INF/LICENSE.txt, META-INF/LICENSE, META-INF/
  • If no license file is found then license must be manually added to script in order to pass build

Test and Code Coverage Statuses

Kafka Connector Integration Test

Kafka Connector Apache End2End Test

Kafka Connector Confluent End2End Test