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A Promising Semantics for Relaxed-Memory Concurrency

Jeehoon Kang, Chung-Kil Hur, Ori Lahav, Viktor Vafeiadis, Derek Dreyer.

Proceedings of the 44th ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL 2017).

Please visit the project website for more information.


  • Requirement: Coq 8.9.1, opam, Make, Rsync.

  • Installing dependencies with opam

      opam repo add coq-released
      opam remote add coq-promising -k git
      opam install coq-paco.2.0.3
      opam install coq-sflib
      opam install coq-promising-lib
  • Initialization

      git clone
  • make: quickly build without checking the proofs.

  • ./ build with checking all the proofs. It will incrementally copy the development in the .build directory, and then build there.

  • Interactive Theorem Proving: use ProofGeneral or CoqIDE. Note that make creates _CoqProject, which is then used by ProofGeneral and CoqIDE. To use it:

    • ProofGeneral: use a recent version.
    • CoqIDE: configure it to use _CoqProject: Edit > Preferences > Project: change ignored to appended to arguments.



  • lib and src/lib contains libraries not necessarily related to the relaxed-memory concurrency.

  • src/lang: Model (Section 2-4)

    • Language.v: abstract interface of the programming languages
    • Memory.v: memory model (MEMORY: * rules in Figure 3)
    • Commit.v: the rule for thread views (*-HELPER rules in Figure 3)
    • Thread.v: thread and its execution (READ, WRITE, UPDATE, FENCE, SYSTEM CALL, SILENT, PROMISE rules in Figure 3)
    • Configuration.v: configuration (machine state) and its execution (MACHINE STEP rule in Figure 3)
    • Behavior.v: the behaviors of a configuration
  • src/prop: General properties on the memory model

    • Promise-free certification: consistent_pf_consistent (PFConsistent.v) In certification, promise is useless.
  • src/while Toy "while" language This language provides the basis for the optimization & compilation results.


  • src/opt: Compiler Transformations (Section 5.1)

    • Trace-Preserving Transformations: sim_trace_sim_stmts (SimTrace.v)

    • Strengthening: sim_stmts_instr (SimTrace.v)

    • Reorderings: reorder_sim_stmts (Reorder.v) and reorder_release_fenceF_sim_stmts (ReorderRelFence.v) The latter proves the reordering of F_rel; * is proved, while the former proves everything else.

    • Merges: Merge.v

    • Unused Plain Read Elimination: elim_load_sim_stmts (ElimLoad.v)

    • Read Introduction: intro_load_sim_stmts (IntroLoad.v)

    • Spliting acquire loads/updates and release writes/updates: split_acquire_sim_stmts (SplitAcq.v), split_release_sim_stmts (SplitRel.v), split_acqrel_sim_stmts (SplitAcqRel.v) These are used for the soundness proof of compilation to Power.

    • Proof Technique:

      • Simulation (Configuration): sim (Simulation.v) for the configuration simulation
      • Simulation (Thread): sim_thread (SimThread.v)
      • Adequacy (Configuration): sim_adequacy (Adequacy.v). From the configuration simulation to the behaviors.
      • Adequacy (Thread): sim_thread_sim (AdequacyThread.v). From the thread simulation to the configuration simulation.
      • Composition: sim_compose (Composition.v). "horizontally" composing configuration simulations for disjoint configurations.
      • Compatibility: sim_stmts_* (Compatibility.v).
  • src/drf: DRF Theorems (Section 5.3)

    • Promise-Free DRF (Theorem 1): drf_pf (DRF_PF.v)
    • We did not formalize DRF-RA (Theorem 2) and DRF-SC (Theorem 3) yet.
  • src/invariant: An Invariant-Based Program Logic (Section 5.4)

    • Soundness: sound (Invariant.v)


The Coq development of A Promising Semantics for Relaxed-Memory Concurrency








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