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A kubernetes daemonset that pushes your cluster logs to using fluentd
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Collecting Docker Log Files with Fluentd and

This directory contains the source files needed to make a Docker image that collects Docker container log files using Fluentd and sends them to your account.

This image is designed to be used as a daemonset in a Kubernetes cluster.


Sign in to your account. Fluentd connection details will be available at

Customize daemonset.json

Environment variables

  • Replace _YOUR_ENDPOINT_URL_ with your access endpoint, such as
  • Replace _YOUR_TOKEN_ with your account token.
  • Replace _YOUR_LOG_TYPE_ with the type of logs you are shipping. We are using this as a tag to identify the k8s cluster source of the logs.
  • Replace _LOG_LEVEL_ with the requested fluentd log level. See the logging documentation for more details. Also uncomment this line.

The endpoint URL is ${_YOUR_ENDPOINT_URL_}?token=${_YOUR_TOKEN_}&type=${_YOUR_LOG_TYPE_}

Mount points

  • The host's /var/log path will be used for fluentd symlinks to the container log files. Needs to be writable.
  • The host's $DOCKER_ROOT/containers path ($DOCKER_ROOT=/var/lib/docker in our case, your mileage may vary) is where the docker container log files are placed. This is where the symlinks from /var/log/containers point to. Needs to be readable. See caveat below, change according to your docker root path.

Docker tag

  • Replace _YOUR_DOCKER_IMAGE_TAG_ with the docker image tag you will build from this repo.

Build and deploy

  • docker build -t ${_YOUR_DOCKER_IMAGE_TAG_} .
  • docker push ${_YOUR_DOCKER_IMAGE_TAG_}
  • kubectl create -f daemonset.json --validate=false (disable validation over readOnly key in one of the volumes)



This repo is based on

It was first created by the folks of DoiT International

Used and published by Snyk for the benefit of users

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