Sets of Blender OCIO configs, for various pipelines and artistic pleasure.
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Blender OCIO configs

I was in need of some unified OCIO configs. So, drawing on, the base Blender config, and some custom LUTs/additions/subtractions, I started this.

Please start Issues/misc. on GitLab:


Supported platforms are Linux and Mac. To install, copy/paste the following into a terminal:

  1. Download, Unzip. Do this anywhere, really.
  2. Drag 'n Drop: Copy all the files in the unzipped repo into <blender bin>/<blender version>/datafiles/colormanagement.

Alternatively: If you're on Mac or Linux, you can start Blender with the new config from a Terminal using: OCIO=/path/to/blender-color/config.ocio blender

You're done!


Config setups are contained in branches. There are three branches currently:

  • master: Basic setup. Use as template to make new setups.
  • prod_color: My custom, from-scratch config/LUTs. Not really working perfectly right now.
  • modded_blender: My modded Blender config, which combines, vanilla Blender, and a few more features.

To switch to the branch containing the setup you want: First clone the repo, then run git checkout <branchname>. Alternatively, just download the branch's zip file.

Modded Blender Setup

Definately the most robust setup. Make sure your monitor is calibrated!

Supported colorspaces are:

  • sRGB: Matches the monitor pretty well. But usually, you want to use the Look curves based on Filmic for a better effect, rendering to ACES if this isn't the last leg of the journey (it rarely is).
  • DCI-P3: The nice and wide space of some projectors.
  • Rec709: Matches TVs pretty well.
  • Rec2020: Wide-gamut space.
  • XYZ: For completeness sake.
  • ACES: De facto space to render to, when what you need is a DI (Digital Intermediate). Store in an EXR, possibly for later "Filmic" grading.
  • "Filmic": See for more info about this one. It implements an HDR log format, simulates filmic crosstalk, and grades it back to a final controllable contrast (with appropriately soft toe and shelf).

filters_list contains the 3D LUTs from Blender vanilla. I think they're kind of distracting glorified Instagram filters. If you want to include them, or your own 3D LUT, paste it to the end of config.ocio!