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Blender OCIO configs

I was in need of some unified OCIO configs. So, drawing on, the base Blender config, and some custom LUTs/additions/subtractions, I started this.

Please start Issues/misc. on GitLab:


Supported platforms are Linux and Mac. To install, copy/paste the following into a terminal:

  1. Download, Unzip. Do this anywhere, really.
  2. Drag 'n Drop: Copy all the files in the unzipped repo into <blender bin>/<blender version>/datafiles/colormanagement.

Alternatively: If you're on Mac or Linux, you can start Blender with the new config from a Terminal using: OCIO=/path/to/blender-color/config.ocio blender

You're done!


Config setups are contained in branches. There are three branches currently:

  • master: Basic setup. Use as template to make new setups.
  • prod_color: My custom, from-scratch config/LUTs. Not really working perfectly right now.
  • modded_blender: My modded Blender config, which combines, vanilla Blender, and a few more features.

To switch to the branch containing the setup you want: First clone the repo, then run git checkout <branchname>. Alternatively, just download the branch's zip file.

Modded Blender Setup

Definately the most robust setup. Make sure your monitor is calibrated!

Supported colorspaces are:

  • sRGB: Matches the monitor pretty well. But usually, you want to use the Look curves based on Filmic for a better effect, rendering to ACES if this isn't the last leg of the journey (it rarely is).
  • DCI-P3: The nice and wide space of some projectors.
  • Rec709: Matches TVs pretty well.
  • Rec2020: Wide-gamut space.
  • XYZ: For completeness sake.
  • ACES: De facto space to render to, when what you need is a DI (Digital Intermediate). Store in an EXR, possibly for later "Filmic" grading.
  • "Filmic": See for more info about this one. It implements an HDR log format, simulates filmic crosstalk, and grades it back to a final controllable contrast (with appropriately soft toe and shelf).

filters_list contains the 3D LUTs from Blender vanilla. I think they're kind of distracting glorified Instagram filters. If you want to include them, or your own 3D LUT, paste it to the end of config.ocio!


Sets of Blender OCIO configs, for various pipelines and artistic pleasure.






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