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Simple tool to dump iQIYI videos
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  1. Install npcap(for Win7/8/10) in winpcap compatible mode or install winpcap(WinXP/7/8/10)
  2. [optional] Install FFmpeg in PATH so that you can type ffmpeg to call it anywhere.
  3. Open terminal and run iQ2 to see ethernet device list with their index
  4. Run iQ2 <number> to select a device to capture
  5. Open anime episode on iQIYI, slide the video @ every 3-6 minutes (depends, iQIYI splits videos into 3 or 6 minutes)
  6. Press CTRL+C in terminal to stop capturing, the program will start downloading anime episodes automatically and merge them into a single mp4 if FFmpeg is installed
  7. You can use iQ2 r to resume last interrupted downloading
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