3D printed servo attachment used to raise and lower the pleated textile forms of Monarch.
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Monarch Servo Attachment

The servo attachment within each pleated textile of the Monarch.


The .stl files in the root of the project are ready for print and have been tested multiple times. Simply open it in the application that works with your 3D printer and print normally. Tested with ABS and PLA at 0.2mm average resolution.

Note this attachment is adapted for the following Servo motor: Futaba S3150.

Rebuilding the Attachment

To rebuild the attachment you will need OpenSCAD and Leiningen.

For Leinigen, installation instructions are available here.

OpenSCAD is a standalone application and can be downloaded from their project homepage.

Once Leiningen is installed run lein run in the root of the project. It will output a new set of .scad files which can then be rendered to .stl from within OpenSCAD.


If you have the above requirements, editing the code is just a matter of working with the files within the src/ directory. You can start a REPL session and run (e) in order to rebuild and output .scad files.

OpenSCAD will reload files opened in it if they are adjusted externally. So you can hide it's code view window for easier development.


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