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update xmlhttprequest dependency #512

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I really wish you could bump to xmlhttprequest version. 1.5.0 has a setDisableHeaderCheck` that allows me to pass a cookie in there.. This allows me to monkeypatch xmlhttprequest to use the cookie I want so I can authenticate my client as shown in this gist:

thank you very much


I know it's late and out of subject, but I can't seem to find any doc on �setDisableHeaderCheck. It's not on w3c xmlhttprequest spec page, google finds only two pages of gist and stuff like that. Would you be kind enough to point me in a direction ?
Sorry to bother this thread.


@marcelfalliere xmlhttprequest is a node.js module that mimics the behavior and interface of the Browser's XmlHttpRequest. You can't disable the header check process on the browser, this is a mechanism that prevents user changing some headers like cookie header.


Is this pull request still relevant?


Nope. Should be good on master

@rauchg rauchg closed this
@gkorland gkorland referenced this pull request in jfromaniello/passport.socketio

move to the official version of #52

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  1. +1 −1  package.json
2  package.json
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
, "dependencies": {
"uglify-js": "1.2.5"
, "ws": "0.4.x"
- , "xmlhttprequest": "1.4.2"
+ , "xmlhttprequest": "1.5.0"
, "active-x-obfuscator": "0.0.1"
, "devDependencies": {
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