ESC in Firefox breaks sockjs connection #18

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There isn't going to be a fix for that. Users have to cope.

@majek majek closed this Nov 18, 2011

"There isn't going to be a fix for that." Can you elaborate on that?

Currently it completely messes up my UX flow.

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Sure. This is a well known problem (that's why it's documented). Fixing this is out of the scope for SockJS - that would require messing with user key events, which isn't SockJS responsibility by any means.

I haven't run this in anger, but just catching the esc key in jquery seems to be working fine, please tell me if that works for you:

$('html').keypress(function(e){return e.which !== 0;});
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@jwheare Great, thanks for the link!


@majek Your workaround causes that F5 is not working anymore in Firefox (tested with FF 11.0 in Ubuntu Linux 64 Bit).

Better use this (taken from the bugzilla link) as a workaround:

window.addEventListener('keydown', function(e) { (e.keyCode == 27 && e.preventDefault()) })
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@alp82 Brilliant, thanks!

@tomaszdurka tomaszdurka added a commit to tomaszdurka/socket-redis that referenced this issue Feb 11, 2013
@tomaszdurka tomaszdurka Apply formatting
retryDelayed: Use milliseconds
subscribe(): Pass callback
unsubscribe(): No start and data
message(): No channel
message(): Rename to send() (like in WS)
onConnect -> onopen
onDisconnect -> onclose
Drop onMessage
ESC fix: sockjs/sockjs-client#18
Constructor: Remove protocols, don't set whitelist manually

Protip for anyone finding this on Google: This is no longer an issue. Mozilla fixed it on the Firefox side.


@graue , really?
Did you try while page loading?


While the page is still loading, I assume that it will break WebSocket connections :) It'll also break downloading images, CSS and JavaScript. That's what clicking "Stop" or pressing Escape is supposed to do :) But anytime the Stop button is hidden/disabled in Firefox, Escape does nothing at the browser level. So the problem people were talking about in 2011 is gone.

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