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A wrapper in C to make XOrg function as a proper systemd unit.

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Xorg-launch-helper is a small utility that transforms the X server
process (XOrg) into a daemon that can be used to make applications
wait with starting until XOrg is ready for X11 connections.

The utility starts and forks the XOrg server and listens for a
signal from the XOrg server. At this point, the utility signals
systemd READY through sd_notify(). At this point systemd
will start units that have an explicit ordering configured
to be after the

This mechanism can be used to delay the starting up of services
that require a working X11 display server, such as any form
of graphical process or X11 window manager.


xorg-launch-helper is a minimal version of uxlaunch - a replacement
session launcher Arjan van der Ven and me originally wrote for
Moblin. With systemd, most of the uxlaunch code has become obsolete,
and systemd does almost everything a lot better.


Release tarballs can be downloaded here:

Source code is hosted here:

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