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@@ -282,15 +282,18 @@ \subsubsection{Ensuring Determinism}
fixed this simply by moving the random seed initialisation to the start
of the in-process iteration main loop.
For the Java benchmarks, we noticed that the benchmarking class used to record
timings was lazily loaded during the first iteration of benchmarks, distorting
timings by running each benchmark once in a mode where the JVM prints each
class that it loads and observing at which point the classes were loaded. We
then ensured that the benchmarking class
is fully loaded before the first iteration by calling a static
method from the benchmark runner. We decided that we wouldn't take it further
than forcing the loading of the toplevel benchmark class because that would be
impractical for larger benchmarks because of the many classes involved.
Using this technique we noticed occasional non-determinism in Java benchmarks.
This turned out to be due to HotSpot lazily loading \krun's benchmarking class
during the execution of the first in-process iteration. As well as causing
occasional non-determinism, this is likely to have had an (admittedly small)
effect on benchmark timings. We thus altered all the Java benchmarks, calling a
static method from the benchmark runner \laurie{did we alter every benchmark or
the benchmark runner or ...?} which forces the benchmarking class to be loaded
before the first in-process iteration. Note that Java benchmarks -- as well as
Java-based systems such as Graal and JRuby/Truffle -- will still be subject to
lazy loading, which is an inherent part of the JVM specification: forcing all
classes to be eagerly loaded is impractical, and is thus part of the warmup we
wish to measure.
Bearing in mind surprising
results such as the importance of link order~\cite{mytkowicz09surprising}, we

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