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SoftLayer API for Ruby

The softlayer-ruby project creates a Ruby Gem which provides language bindings to the SoftLayer API for the Ruby programming language.

The heart of the project a foundation layer (represented by the Client and Service classes) that allows SoftLayer customers to make direct calls to the SoftLayer API. The Gem also builds a object heirarchy on top of that foundation which provides an abstract model which insulates scripts from direct dependency on the low-level details of the SoftLayer API.

More comprehensive documentation on using the softlayer_api Gem, and contributing to the project, may be found by cloning this project and generating the documentation.

Generating Documentation

Once you have cloned the project, from the main project directory you can generate documentation by installing the bundle and using rake:

$ cd softlayer-ruby
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake rdoc

This will create a new folder named doc inside of the project source and populate it with project documentation. You may then open the documentation file doc/index.html in your browser to begin exploring the documentation.


This software is written by the SoftLayer Development Team

Please join us at Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow Best Practices Tip: Tag your posts with “SoftLayer” so our team can easily find your post.

Contributer License Agreement

Contributions to the softlayer-ruby project require the submission of a contributer license agreement. Please generate the documentation and carefully refer to the Contribution Guide to participate.

Copyright and License

The softlayer_api Ruby Gem and it's source files are Copyright © 2010-2014 SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. The software is provided under an MIT license. Details of that license can be found in the embedded file.


This software is provided “as is” and without any express or implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.