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@@ -8,27 +8,42 @@ inspired by the likes of showoff and slide down
## usage
-Currently runs under sbts `run` task once the project is set to `PictureShow Server`
+Run as a [conscript]( program
- > project PictureShow Server
- Set current project to PictureShow Server 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT
- > run --s=/path/to/show
+ cs softprops/picture-show
-This will run your show at http://localhost:3000
+This will will install a program called `pshow` in your `~/bin` directory. Ensure this is your path.
-To run a show on a specific port add the port after the path to the show
+Once installed you can run a show that exists in the current directory with
- > run --s=/path/to/show --p=1234
+ pshow
-This will run your show at http://localhost:1234
+After validating your `conf.js`, this will host your show at `http://localhost:3000`
+To run a show on a specific show on a specific port add the `s` and or `p` parameters which represent the absolute show path and port respectively
+ pshow -s=/path/to/show -p=1234
+This will run your show located at `/path/to/show` at `http://localhost:1234`
Show path resolution can default to a target directory specified in an environment variable called `SHOW_HOME`
- > export SHOW_HOME=/path/to
- > run --s=show
+ export SHOW_HOME=/path/to
+ pshow -s=show
-The directory contents of a show are expected to be in the format
+This will run your show located at `/path/to/show` at `http://localhost:3000`
+On the go? You can export a show as a static html file that can run anywhere. Just add the flag `offline`
+ pshow --offline
+This will generate the static contents of your show in a directory relative to your current one called `out`
+To out the produced files to a target directory, add the `o` flag
+ pshow --offline -o=/path/to/output
+The directory contents of a show are expected to be in the format
@@ -101,15 +116,33 @@ You can customize your show with css and javascript but adding a `css/custom.css
#### files
+If you want to embed an image or or other resource in your slides. Use the path from the root of your show
+ /show
+ /foo
+ bar.jpg
+ cat show/foo/
+ ![bar](foo/bar.jpg "bar")
+## giter8
+An example [giter8]( template is available via
+ g8 softprops/picture-show
## why?
I say why not. Slideshows should be relatively portable and should not require proprietary formats to run. Slideshow presentations should be as simple as possible for an audience to understand. Software should be the same way.
## todo
* use a grownup command line parser of options. possibly [scopt](
+* supported exporting a show to pdf
+* abstract resolving a show, use an abstract uri instead of coupling show to the file system
+* towards sbt 0.10 line
doug tangren [softprops] 2010-11
@@ -1,21 +1,45 @@
# modularized
-Finally... a release. Broke some things up into modules.
+Finally... a release. The project is now split up a bit into the following modules.
## core
* basic text file processing and formatting
+## conscript
+* [cs][cs] command line fu, generates a runnable script for running picture show
+ cs softprops/picture-show
## server
-* a simple server for presentations
+* a simple http server for presentations
+After installing the conscript, you can start a show in your currect directory with
+ pshow
## offline
-* writes presentations to flat html files [@chrislewis][chrislewis]
+* writes presentations to flat html files - [@chrislewis][chrislewis]
-## conscript
+After installing the conscript runner, you can generate the static output for a show in the current director with
+ pshow --offline
+This will generate a show as static html that you can run on any server in an `out` directory relative to your current working directory
+## spec
+For the information how a picture show should be formatted see the project [readme][ps]
+You can install [giter8][g8] Template an example presentation with
-* command line fu
+ g8 softprops/picture-show

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