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FSL Community BSP for Christ Electronic Systems Devices

Yocto System requirements can be found here

To get the BSP you need to have repo installed and use it as:

Install the repo utility:

$: mkdir ~/bin
$: curl > ~/bin/repo
$: chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

Download the BSP source:

$: PATH=${PATH}:~/bin
$: mkdir ces-bsp-platform
$: cd ces-bsp-platform
$: repo init -u -b rocko
$: repo sync

At the end of the commands you have every metadata you need to start work with.

To create a new Yocto build directory:

$: MACHINE=pixi-cdl100 DISTRO=ces-fb source ./setup-environment build

Available machines are:

  • pixi-cdl100

  • pixi-cdl200

  • pixi-cq100

  • pixi-cq200

  • crix-cdl100

  • crix-cq100

  • crix-arq100

  • blix-bdl100

  • blix-bq100

Christ currently maintains two distros (ces-x11 and ces-fb):

  • ces-x11 is used for x11 based images (ces-chromium-demoimage)

  • ces-fb is used for qt/eglfs based images (ces-qt-demoimage)

Please pay attention when upgrading from the old naming scheme (crixq/pixidl). The devicetree name was also changed, so be sure to upgrade the u-boot environment or the whole bootloader along with your image!

Before upgrading to yocto 2.4 (rocko), please contact us ( for a special version of CURT, which is able to migrate your system properly. Please do NOT mix morty/rocko U-Boot and devicetrees! These are incompatible and will definitely break your systems until you deploy a complete update.

To use an existing Yocto build directory:

source ./setup-environment build

To start a simple image build:

$: bitbake ces-qt-demoimage

You can use any directory to host your build.

The source code is checked out at ces-bsp-platform/sources.

In order to build the ces-chromium-demoimage you need a powerful machine. The chromium recipe says: "The linker step requires at least 8 GB RAM." Or turn on the component-build PACKAGECONFIG.

For further information refer to the Yocto Project Reference Manual.

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