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dbml-renderer renders DBML files to SVG images. It provides a command line interface, so that you can easily use it in your documentation toolchain.

Command Line Usage

npm install -g @softwaretechnik/dbml-renderer

It can then be used to render DBML files like so:

dbml-renderer -i example.dbml -o output.svg

For instance, the following input will produce the image below:

Table users {
    id integer
    username varchar
    role varchar
    created_at timestamp

Table posts {
    id integer [primary key]
    title varchar
    body text [note: 'Content of the post']
    user_id integer
    created_at timestamp

Ref: posts.user_id >

Posts example output

The examples directory contains other input and output examples.


The tests can be run with npm test. They use the examples available in the examples directory. Each .dbml file is used as input to render each of the available output formats.

The output of a test run is placed in .test-output. In case the renderer has been modified, the test output can be visually inspected and, confirmed the output is good, the expectations can be updated by copying them with the following command:

cp .test-output/* examples/

To aid the visual inspection, you can open .compare-test-output.html to compare side-by-side each generated SVG.