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Game made for the Ludum Dare 41. You can find a better description here:

All my code is MIT license. A small part of the code in the GridTerrain.cs file is from a tutorial (the file has the correct link). I'm not sure what's the license on that.

Also, the assets I made on MagicaVoxel and BeepBox are CC 4.0, but I'm not so sure about the skeletons and animations made on Mixamo. Couldn't find this info easily. The Unity assets and scripts (although most of the included ones aren't used, I just didn't delete them) are also not mine.

The code is a total mess. At many times I realized I could have done something way better, but with this project scope (both in time to the deadline and also by the fact I will probably not work on it anymore) there was no reason to waste time on that. Still, maybe there is something salvageable by the way I used the Game.cs file to store all pertinent info and restore it every time the player went outside or reloaded the game, without any loss.


Game made for ld41



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