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REST to NATS proxy.

REST API over NATS protocol.

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The microframework for building the REST API on NATS messaging platform. As the part of the framework is proxy bridging HTTP protocol to NATS protocol.

Example usage

service connected to NATS via nats-proxy client:

	clientConn, _ := nats.Connect(nats.DefaultURL)
	natsClient, _ := NewNatsClient(clientConn)
	natsClient.GET("/test/:event/:session", func(c *Context) {
		reqEvent = c.PathVariable("event")
		reqSession = c.PathVariable("session")

		respStruct := struct {
			User string

		c.JSON(200, respStruct)
	defer clientConn.Close()

nats-proxy gateway

	proxyConn, _ := nats.Connect(nats.DefaultURL)
	proxy, _ := NewNatsProxy(proxyConn)
	http.Handle("/", proxy)
	defer proxyConn.Close()

HTTP client

resp, err := http.Get("")

WebSocket support

The web socket support is in early stage, but it is working. The proxy does not support close notifications for the client side and there is a lot of work to be done.

	clientConn, _ := nats.Connect(nats_url)
	natsClient, _ := NewNatsClient(clientConn)
	// Basic nats-proxy handler
	natsClient.GET("/ws/:token", func(c *Context) {
		// Test if the client 
		// contains websocket handshake
		if c.Request.IsWebSocket() {
			// If so, the DoUpgrade 
			// flag must be set to true, 
			// to notify proxy to do the websocket upgrade
			c.Response.DoUpgrade = true
			// Each websocket connection has its
			// unique id, which is practically 
			// the subject of NATS
			socketID, err := c.GetWebsocketID()
			// The handler for incoming 
			// messages could be set.
			natsClient.HandleWebsocket(socketID, func(m *nats.Msg) {
				// WriteWebsocket writes
				// the message directly to
				// NATS subject
				natsClient.WriteWebsocket(socketID, []byte("Hi there"))

Advanced features

Proxy hook

Proxy hook is feature designed to change the response before it's written to http response. This feature could be used for example to enrich the header by special content or audit outgoing data.

multiProxy.AddHook("/login.*", loginHook)

func loginHook(resp *natsproxy.Response) {
    // Do something 
    // with the response
    // e.g change outgoing header.
	resp.Header.Set(TokenHeader, token.RefToken)

Client middleware

The client middleware feature is inspired by gin framework. Context could be processed before it is processed by specific handler. The example below shows how to use middleware to log all incoming requests.


func logger(c *natsproxy.Context) {
	log.Infof("%s:%s from %s", c.Request.Method, c.Request.URL)


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